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Sai: “Aren’t you going to confess?”
Gaara: “CPR…”
Minato: “Naruto’s girlfriend, whom resembles Kushina”
Yamato: “I can tell just by looking at you. Sakura, you really…”

please credit the artist! the artist is aberrycherry on twitter.

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please bear with me i have literally not drawn a single thing in 2 entire months…it’s a miracle i’ve brought myself to plug in my dusty tablet during this artblock from hell

anyway so here is older!naruto kun based on kishimoto’s designs for the new film and i just want to ruffle his cute boyish hair…welcome to adulthood naruto, i hope you like doing taxes and being in crippling debt, be free my son

Holy shit. This is some of the best Naruto fanart I have ever seen. Absolutely stunning, so, so gorgeous. In love with the rough brushstrokes, the direction of his hair, his mouth (oh god, his mouth) and those damn eyes. Even the slant of those eyebrows are perfect!

I can make out the definition of his cheekbones holy crap, this is gorgeous. 

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this is it. the picture to sum up all of Naruto’s actions

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The ’50s were fucked up man.

*tries this at next house party*

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doodle of the bday boy

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Artist Telmo Pieper Repaints His Own Childhood Drawings

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